Monday, November 5, 2012

Instructional Strategy List


1. Ask students how comfortable they feel about the material you just taught them, sometimes what you are teaching is review to them.

2. Get students together for a class meeting to see how students are doing and examine what questions they may have.

3. Justify all your concepts! Students will not learn nor want to learn things that don’t logically make sense to them.
4. Tell students to come up with a few questions (say 3 or 4) about content directly after you give your lesson.

5. Find out what misconceptions are by walking around during group activities.

6. Employ techniques and strategies that create a comfortable learning environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions. This is especially important with regards to English learners and special needs students.

7. Always tell students that there is no such thing as a “dumb question.”

8. Encourage students to justify all their own concepts by showing them how mistakes are made.

9. Listen to what students are saying and what questions they are asking. Use this information to improve/adjust your curriculum.

10. Collaborate with colleagues and fellow teachers to further explore ways to question students and promote question asking in your classroom!

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