Friday, September 7, 2012

Student Literacy Habit Survey

I created a digital survey to give to my students using Google Forms. The link to the survey can be found here and the link to the results can be found here. My students were told to take the survey as part of their participation. Since we have iPads for each student in our classroom, I decided to opt for a digital survey instead of a handwritten one so that both the students and I would enjoy a level of convienence.

Here is the embedded survey:

Reflection: The data gathered from this survey was quite interesting to me. I see that many students are exposed to Spanish or other languages at home and many are required to speak a language other than English in public settings. Also, many students have struggled in their English classes and almost all of the students who struggled felt uncomfortable in at least some of their classes just based on how they speak English. I plan to continue analyzing the data throughout the semester and keep an eye on the students who I feel need the most help.


  1. Hi Richard:
    I also created my survey on Google docs, but since we don't have wireless connection, no i-Pads, and no computers in the classroom, and I didn't want to take the students to the carrier center, I made copies and then I imputed the data, one-by-one.

    Nice subject. I just don't think that is appropriate to have your student's names on your results...

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for looking at my survey!

      I disagree with your claim that the names are inappropriate. Our classes at CSUSM are full of professionals who will not misuse the information. The name of my school, cooperating teacher, and classes are also not listed, so anyone who wanted to misuse the information would have a hard time locating the actual student.